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Welcome to the New Parent Education Series from MetaMD.


NICU Knowledge supports, educates and eases the stress for parents with a child in NICU.


Newborn Knowledge teaches parents of newborns about caring for their babies and themselves.


Facing an Early Delivery helps prepare parents-to-be who face the risk of a premature birth.

There are many reasons our programs have been installed by over 120 hospitals. But, ultimately it boils down to one critical thing – they work!

Our programs provide clinical benefits, improve parent/patient compliance and patient satisfaction; support and accelerate discharge planning and reduce costs. Most importantly, they help parents take better care of their babies.

“We’ve used your programs for years. Both our staff and the parents love how they allow parents to self-pace, repeat lessons an unlimited number of times, see and hear the information they need, and do so at any time that is convenient to them. It’s been so effective, we have integrated many of your lessons into our formal discharge process.”

Discharge Coordinator – major east coast hospital