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Education starts at admission. But, for best results, it should continue after discharge.

Let's face it.  Expectant and new parents are excited, stressed and anxious.

These emotions and circumstances are not conducive to learning and retaining new information. Yet, with a new baby - there is so much to learn. That is why our Home Access App is so important.

Hospitals dedicate a substantial amount of time and resources to educate parents of newborns during their hospital stay, but what about before admission and after discharge? Parents may receive some pre-birth education but rarely is it beyond standard well-baby birthing practices. And, ongoing educational support after discharge (3rd generation Xerox copies from 1988 don't count) becomes difficult, yet is so important to many new parents to feel safe and comfortable with a tiny newborn. MetaMD provides a comprehensive family-friendly (and staff-friendly) approach to education that is available before, during and after the hospital stay.

"Home Access" benefits more than just parents.

Our extensive parent education series, presented on dedicated educational tablets for in-hospital use and coupled with our Home Access App, improves parents' access to education, increases retention and comprehension of important information, improves overall satisfaction with the hospital, supports clinicians and best practices, and provides demonstrable economic benefits to the hospital.

Think about it:

  • A NICU mom has been discharged but the baby hasn't. She wants to view NICU Knowledge™ while at home.
  • A parent - or grandparent - needs a reminder about some aspect of caring for the baby, or the mom and they know it was on Newborn Knowledge™ while at the hospital.
  • A woman struggling with a high risk pregnancy is afraid of the unknown. She could benefit so much from having access to Facing an Early Delivery™ before going to the hospital.

If you would like to use, test, and evaluate our parent education programs at no cost to you, please call 804-327-1113 or send us a note through the Contact Us page.

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