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Facing an Early Delivery

Facing an Early Delivery was developed by a Neonatology Fellow to help improve the consistency, completeness and understanding of discussions with parents possibly facing an early delivery.

This Library provides detailed information about prematurity, risk factors, common challenges, and how the NICU will be involved in the care of the baby. The program is designed to educate and prepare parents before, and support and encourage them during, this stressful time.

Facing an Early Delivery provides over 75 lessons using video, audio, graphics and text to educate expectant moms in high-risk pregnancies. Lessons are organized into four main groups.

What is Prematurity?

  • How Often Does Prematurity Occur?
  • Risk Factors for an Early Delivery
  • Features of Premature Infants
  • Treating Preterm Labor
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Coping with your Feelings

Common Challenges for Premature Babies

  • Common Challenges by Age Group
    • 23-24 weeks
    • 25-27 weeks
    • 28-32 weeks
    • 33-36 weeks

What if my Baby is Born Early?

  • What Will He or She Look Like?
  • Your Baby’s First Minutes of Life
    • Birthing Room/NICU Team
    • Initial Evaluation
    • Keeping Baby Warm
    • Maintaining Normal Blood Sugar
    • C-Section
    • Various Procedures

Introduction to the NICU

  • Overview
  • Who will be involved in the care of our baby?
  • An introduction to the types of professionals involved.

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