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NICU Knowledge - Parent Education from MetaMD

NICU Knowledge™ is a nationally recognized parent education resource. It helps Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Special Care Nurseries educate the parents of NICU and premature babies about the NICU, their role in caring for their baby and themselves, and the important things they must know before they can take their baby home.

It serves as a 24-hour information source, containing over 75 different Lessons. The information is organized in a modular format focusing on the NICU team of health professionals, commonly used terms, NICU equipment, family emotional issues, and typical follow-up care.

Using a combination of video, audio, text and graphics, the lessons help answer parent's questions and ease their concerns about the NICU, their baby, and what do do when they get home.

NICU Knowledge also helps streamline the discharge process. We can identify any "must-do" lessons that you require and guide the parents to complete the required topics from the hospital’s discharge checklist so the baby can be discharged as soon as he/she is ready. The progress of each parent's discharge education can be tracked to help the staff quickly determine if all educational requirements have been met.

“We love NICU Knowledge. It’s easy to use, the lessons are practical and our parents can view them as often as they want. Not to mention that it saves an enormous amount of staff time, too.” NICU Nurse – large North Carolina hospital

NICU Knowledge provides over 75 individual lessons, using video, audio and graphics, organized into four main categories

A New Life in the NICU

This group of Lessons help prepare parents for the NICU experience.

It helps them understand the roles of the various professionals they will encounter, the terminology used by these professionals, the myriad of technology they may encounter and what the technology is for.

Caring for Your Baby

A series of videos and “slideshows” helps parents understand the “signals” their babies give about their condition, comfort level, hunger, anxiety and more.

It also educates parents about feeding the baby (breast or bottle), Kangaroo Care, the mother’s milk supply and collecting, transporting and storing breast milk.

Help for Families

These lessons help parents understand the emotional roller coaster they are on, how interfamily relationships may be affected and services that are available to assist them during their NICU journey.

Going Home

Easy to understand lessons that help parents understand medical care, day-to-day care of their baby and safety topics – from car seat safety to infant CPR to “shaken baby” to preparing their home for their little one.

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