New Parent Education

A turnkey educational solution with no hidden costs

A CareSlate™ from MetaMD

For parents, the value of our program is our helpful content and the way it is presented. For hospitals and staff, the value also includes our commitment to providing excellent service and support to make your life easier.

Our business philosophy is simple - provide excellent products, services and support at fair prices and be open, honest and up-front so that there are no unpleasant surprises for our clients.

Our standard offerings are provided as turnkey solutions that include the Libraries of your choice, presented via our proprietary software and technology platform, loaded onto dedicated, single-purpose tablets or computers - CareSlates™. Also included is a full "repair or replace" warranty, excellent support and a commitment to doing things right as well as doing the right thing.

What is standard and what is optional?

Our standards for "standard":

3-year licenses for educational Libraries

  • Each Library is licensed for three years on the device to which it is assigned. If that devise is replaced, the balance of the license term is transferred to the new device.

Standard customizations included
  • Your logo on home page of each Library
  • Customized "discharge checklist" built in to the program so parent and staff can track to assure that all Lessons you consider to be essential are viewed.
  • We will program a "page" that includes hospital-specific information, regulations, contact information, etc.
  • We will add up to three videos provided by your hospital onto your CareSlate™, at no charge.


  • Your licensed Libraries are “hard loaded” onto CareSlates (computer tablets) and configured so that internet access is NOT required to access the programs. In fact, we “lock” the devices so that parents cannot access the internet or load extraneous programs or games onto the tablets. These measures enhance the patient education experience, improve the performance of the tablets and protect the units from viruses and conflicting programs.

Protective Covers for Tablets

  • Each tablet will be enclosed in a heavy-duty, protective case.

Warranty and Support

  • Each tablet, and the educational Libraries you license, include a 3 yr. repair or replace performance warranty. It does not cover physical damage or breakage.
  • 3 years of telephone support is provided for hardware and/or software issues. Standard software updates are provided at no charge.
Orientation and staff training

  • Administrator and staff orientation sessions are provided via scheduled phone/web sessions
  • Periodic “re-training” and/or new employee orientation via teleconference, upon request

Optional features, services, configurations:

Add-on Lessons

  • We offer a number of optional add-on clinical lessons from 3rd parties. There is a small fee to add these lessons to the Libraries licensed from us.

Anti-theft devices

  • We offer two options for Anti-theft devices for tablets. We have partnered with a leading provider of anti-theft protection for tablets, computers and other high-value items to develop solutions for the healthcare market and are happy to discuss these with you.

Anywhere Access - App/Web Service

  • We can make your licensed Libraries available to parents, physicians – and even the entire community – through our specialized app/web service. The optional, 3rd-party add-on lessons mentioned above are not available through this service. Access through these services is NOT available within the hospital. Inquire about details.
Language Translations
  • Our Libraries can be translated in other languages and added to your tablets. This is an elaborate process and we would be happy to discuss the feasibility of this for your organization.
Special licenses and configurations
  • In some cases, our programs and content can be hosted on a hospital's network and made available to appropriate patient rooms through TV's or wall mounted computer screens. This option must be explored on a case-by-case basis.

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