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Health Education Firm Launches to Give Away New Parent Education to Neonatal Intensive Care Units

RICHMOND, VA., Dec. 7, 2015

MetaMD LLC , a Virginia based company that develops interactive parent education programs for hospital’s NICU and Labor & Delivery units, announced today that it will be giving away $10,000 of its nationally known NICU Knowledge™ programs to each of two randomly selected hospitals.


The giveaway is open to all hospitals in the United States that operate a neonatal intensive care unit. To be eligible to win, a hospital simply needs to be nominated at  No purchase is necessary and hospitals may nominate themselves.  Nominations will be accepted thru December 31, 2015.  The winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day, 2016.


The giveaway, co-sponsored by the National Caregivers Library  (, is a way to bring more attention to the need for quality education and support for new parents and their families –while in the hospital and after discharge.


Jody Murphy, spokesperson for the Caregivers Library said, “The sheer enormity of the ‘age wave’ has lead the media to focus a lot of attention on eldercare, yet little attention is given to caregivers at the other end of the age spectrum - those dealing with a seriously ill child or grandchild.  We want to bring more attention to the need to educate and support new parents and their families. That is why we have partnered with MetaMD to make this giveaway possible.” 


According to Amanda Walton, Senior Partner at MetaMD, “Every day, we talk to hospitals that want our high quality educational programs but are restrained by budget considerations.  So, thanks to the National Caregivers Library, we are able to make extensive educational tools available in a manner that allows hospitals of any size to have an equal opportunity to win.”


According to Walton, “Since this is a random drawing, the more people who nominate a particular hospital, the better their chances of winning.  We encourage hospitals to have their employees, patients and friends nominate them.  Getting a lot of people to nominate your hospital is a matter of your motivational level, not the size of your hospital or budget.”



About the Sponsors

MetaMD is a leading provider of in-depth, interactive parent education programs for hospital NICUs and Labor & Delivery units.  Its Parent Education Series consists of three main Libraries, or suites of Lessons -- NICU Knowledge™, Newborn Knowledge™ and Facing an Early Delivery™.  Each Library contains 60 to 75 different Lessons, utilizing audio, video, text and graphics to appeal to multiple learning styles and educational levels.  All Lessons are available in English and Spanish. Learn more at


The National Caregivers Library is one of the largest information resources in the country for family caregivers, seniors and the organizations that provide services or support to them. The web-based information of the library is available for free, for personal use.  Resources are primarily focused on the caregiving needs of boomers, seniors and members of the “Sandwich Generation” – those caring for a senior while also helping to care for a child or grandchild.  Information is available for all aspects of the caregiving process from “getting started” to dealing with end-of-life issues.  To access the free resources, visit