What are CareSlates?

MetaMD's specialized CareSlate™ tablet
Smartphone using our NICU Knowledge App
Standard computer view of NICU Knowledge online

What are CareSlates™?

Technically, CareSlates are computer tablets configured as dedicated tools for presenting MetaMD's proprietary educational content, using our proprietary software and database. This is the most reliable, best performing alternative and allows users to view all content without the need for internet service. It also allows hospitals to take advantage of our tracking and reporting features. This approach is the recommended - and most often used - approach within a hospital.

However, any smartphone, tablet or computer acts a temporary, personal CareSlate™ when used to access our parent or patient education programs through our optional App/Web service.

Would your staff like to test drive a CareSlate™?

Give us a call to arrange for a free trial of a CareSlate.

We will load it with all three of our Libraries so you can evaluate our content and the convenience of our specialized tablets. You can even let parents use it and give you feedback.